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Coach Nathanael with top tennis students at Tenez Academy





Our motto encapsulates our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality tennis education and support to our students become the best tennis players that they can be.

We prioritize providing a training environment that focuses on developing exceptional skills and nurturing the potential of each of our students.

Coach Nathanael and his student sitting on a bench

To maintain our commitment to quality, we keep our class sizes small, never exceeding 3-to-1, whether it's for youth tennis program or tennis camps. This allows us to get to know our students well and provide them the necessary individual attention.

We stand only for excellence and aim to make a lasting impact in the lives of our students both on and off the court that will last forever.


The achievement of our students is our obsession. We never compromise quality over quantity.

Tenez Academy's students are gathered at a tennis event in Singapore


Develop resilience under pressure use the results as a constructive feedback to reiterate and improves one’s training.

Maintain balance and generate more power, speed and explosiveness.

Effective execution for all tennis strokes and movements.

Cultivate the right mindset and mentality that motivates students to achieve excellence.


Competition offers opportunities for players to test their skills, apply their training in real-game scenarios.

Efficient court movements allows effective physical endurance.

Correct techniques and fundamentals through proper kinetic chains.

Mental strength is crucial for success in tennis, as it helps students stay focused, confident, and resilient.






With a strong focus on developing mental resilience, technical skills, physical fitness, and a competitive mindset, led by our team of expert tennis coaches, we aim to develop an exceptional tennis player with a true passion for the game.


​We prioritize the development of technical proficiency, strategic thinking, mental resilience, and physical fitness. Furthermore, our reporting system ensures that we can objectively measure our students’ tennis progression.


Our personalized approach ensures that our students receive targeted training and guidance to maximize their potential. By focusing on quality skill development, we empower our students to reach new heights and achieve their tennis dreams.


By prioritizing quality tennis education, we can help our students realize their full potential and forge a path towards a successful and fulfilling tennis career. Our students’ progress is our non-negotiable mission.


We are driven to cultivate tennis excellence and inspire each of our students to become the best that they can be.

Tenez Academy's student during a match session
Chris Trumbo, one of the tennis coaches at Tenez Academy


Chris is a dedicated medical professional with a passion for tennis. With 18 years of experience, Chris has excelled as a tennis coach in Singapore. Holding a PTR Licence, Chris is a qualified tennis coach known for expertise in tennis performance and serving techniques.

Emphasizing the importance of learning from top coaches like Toni Nadal and Dr. Mark Kovac, Chris firmly believes in the power of their methodologies. By analyzing and diagnosing the crucial aspects of ground strokes, Chris strives to enhance players' tennis skills. Understanding the distinction between style and fundamentals, Chris offers valuable insights to help players reach their full potential on the court.

Natasha has been playing tennis since the age of 7 and has over 12 years of competitive experience. She represented Singapore in 2015 at the World Junior Competition Pre Qualifiers where the team achieved 1st Place.

Natasha has been a vital member of school teams and club:

  • Methodist Girls School

  • Anglo-Chinese Junior College

  • Nanyang Technological University

  • Singapore Cricket Club

She continues her love of tennis by giving coaching - which she has been doing since 2018.


Natasha Loh, who once represented Singapore at the World Junior Competition, now serves as a tennis coach at Tenez Academy

Nadine is the twin sister of and has been playing alongside Natasha since the age of 7, and also has over 12 years of experience.

She was previously Ranked Number 1 in her age group as a Junior Player. As an active youth in the tennis scene, similar to her sister, she had the chance to represent Singapore multiple times for the World Junior Competition and ASEAN School Games.


Furthermore, she has been a vital member of her school tennis teams growing up, which included Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Furthermore, she is currently the captain of her university tennis team at Singapore Management University.

She wishes to share what she has learned from her coaches with others while she pursues her love of tennis.


Nadine Loh, who once represented Singapore at the World Junior Competition, now serves as a tennis coach at Tenez Academy.



Partnering with Anglo-Chinese School has enabled us to offer our students unparalleled experiences and opportunities to develop their tennis skills in a nurturing environment. Our shared commitment is to provide the best possible experiences and opportunities for the children, ensuring their growth, development, and overall well-being. Through this partnership, we are dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our students.


An aerial view of Anglo-Chinese School Independent, showcasing its facilities and tennis court

As part of our commitment to reach every parent and child who are still searching for the best tennis academy in Singapore, we are proud to be featured in Expat Living Singapore magazine and website, a publication that caters to the expatriate community in Singapore, where we are eager to create a welcoming and enriching environment for aspiring young tennis players.


Tenez Academy's advertisement that has been advertised in Expat Living Singapore magazine

Global apparel house UNIQLO, whose brand ambassador includes the tennis great Roger Federer, recognized our high standard of coaching excellence. We are the only tennis academy in Singapore that they partner with and featured in their stores.


Tenez Academy's collaborative project with UNIQLO Singapore showcased in the store's display


We will be in touch soon!

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